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Alert: Reported assaults on youth occuring daily at or around McDonalds on Clear Creek Rd.


Senate Bills 14 (SB 14) and 893 (SB 893) will be heard by the Texas Senate Committee on Education this Thursday, March 19th at 9 am & Location in Committee Room e.1028.

These bills cover the areas of parent empowerment, as well as teacher evaluation and development. These pieces of legislation are critical to our children’s education, as well as the future of Texas.

We ask that you get engaged in the process by following the steps described below and call your Senators to express your support for Senate Bills 14 and 893.

In detail, these bills will look to:

Parent Empowerment (SB 14)

Strengthen Texas’ current parent empowerment law by shortening the wait period from five to two years, allowing parents to petition to intervene in their child’s failing public school in sufficient time to bring meaningful change. ?

Teacher Evaluation & Development (SB 893)

Improve teacher development policies by providing annual evaluation and meaningful feedback focused on improving student educational growth. This bill will also create and support professional development opportunities for individual teachers and allow school districts to develop compensation policies that reward excellence.

Please help us gain support for the only bills being presented that tackle parent empowerment and effective teacher evaluation & development.

1. Go to to find your Senator.

2. Then, click the link. The link will take you to a page that offers an email button.

3. Complete the form with the last sentence below and anything else you would like to add in support of SB 14 & in support of SB 893.

4. Copy the text that you have written so that you can easily paste it when you write another person.

5. In addition to your Texas Senator, please write Sen. Larry Taylor (Chair of Senate Committee on Education), Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. (Vice Chair of Senate Committee On Education), and the members of the Senate Committee on Education (Sen. Bettencourt, Sen. Campbell, Sen. Garcia, Sen. Huffines, Sen. Kolkhorst, Sen. José Rodriguez, Sen. Seliger, Sen. Van Taylor, and Sen. Royce West). To easily find the Reps.’ e-mails, click on the link under the “Whole List” header.

6. Consider asking your family, your friends, and your neighbors to write in their support, as well.

Below is an example of the language you may use to contact your Senators:

The future of this great state rests with our future generations – our children. By making Texas’ public education system better today, we are ensuring that our great state continues to rise. Our children’s futures are too important for us not to create the best public education system we can today.

Texas’ public education system is failing our students. According to the 2013 Texas Legislative Group report, Texas ranks last in total percentage of the population that has graduated from high school as well as 47th out of 50 in total SAT combined scores. Similarly, only 29 percent of Texas 4th graders read at or above the NAEP proficiency levels, with these issues most disproportionately affecting our minority communities. It’s time that we give parents more CHOICE in their students’ education and give our teachers the development and feedback they need to succeed.

Please support SB 14 and SB 893, which is the strongest and most comprehensive of the bills being presented on the issue of quality education.

If you’d like to go to Austin and protect our children’s education by testifying on behalf of these bills, please contact us at