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Texas Think TANK 

Central Texas Think Tank is a social action initiative composed of conscientious community members dedicated to researching and understanding issues that are negatively impacting people's lives and the community.

The current statistical nightmare of the crushing reality that freedom is not free and that the progress of our nation's greatest leaders have been pillaged for far too many of our countries' citizens forces us to become proponents of  equality of opportunity. The eradication of poverty shouts out for a myriad of foot soldiers to move beyond rhetoric and regrets to become socially active participants spurred on by faith  and courage to strive for and fight to attain these founding principles: one nation under God, all men and women are created equal with inalienable rights, and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The time is now for moving forward.


KDH Video Coverage of I Am Because We Are Community Brunch and a wonderful introduction of Central Texas Think Tank CT3

Thank you for visiting the CT3. We ask for your prayers and support as we move forward. Please share this website with your family and friends and contact us if you have a community question or concern. We are here to help.













  • To be highly visible
  • Increase public participation as it relates to community improvement
  • Promote opportunities for relevant, open, and honest dialogue
  • Provide workable community solutions

Join Us Each 2nd Saturday @ 12 Noon, HHCC 202 E. Beeline Lane, Harker Heights, TX 76548







As we remember the man, please let us not forget the wisdom he shared. Our life is not our own and highest good will only be seen in what we do for others. No greater love has any man, woman, boy, or girl that they would lay down their lives for a cause.  Seek to know your passion and how they are designed for dynamic impact in the community. There are many who will ponder the work while millions are needed to complete the present work. Our time is now.